Dr. Maisch Gmbh

The owner Dr. Maisch has worked with HPLC for over 30 years, beginning in 1980 to isolate new insect hormones from butterflies with the, then very new technique of HPLC at the University of Ulm.

He continued his career in 1985 as production manager in a commercial HPLC-Company where he stayed until 1995.

1995: The company Dr. Maisch, High Performance LC GmbH was founded in the south of Germany near the University town of Tübingen.

1996: We introduced two new products to the market:
ReproSil-Pur®: This new ultra pure silica-family contains HPLC phases for reversed- and normal-phase chromatography with particles from 3 until 60 µm, with a purity higher than 99,999 %.
ReproSil® Tradename No.: 396 43 857.
The new golden column hardware for high speed HPLC together with the Gold Turbo® phases were introduced. These pure columns are packed with 1,5 µm particles and can allow separations in less than 60 seconds.
Gold-column Patent-No.: 296 09 766.7 (Gebrauchsmuster).

1998We obtained the patent rights for the new capillary guard system FixGuards. FixGuards fit to every conventional column, need no extra holder and have the advantage that they are completely free of dead volume. FixGuards are designed for columns of 1 mm id and smaller.
Patent-No.: 197 18 643.
We also obtained the patent rights for a new analytical guard holder system. This simple system fits to all German Hyperchrom columns ( 3, 4 and 4.6 mm id ) and needs no extra capillaries or spacers. 
Patent-No.: 296 21 467.1 (Gebrauchsmuster).

1999We registered a patent for a new HPLC gradient controller. This controller is the first and only one in the world, which is able to control the actual eluent gradient during a gradient run.
Patent No.: 298 12 576.5 (Gebrauchsmuster).

2000We introduced our new silica family Stability® to the market. Stability® is available with unique modifications like C30, amid-phases and BS-C23 ( 13 and 17 ). The BS-phases contain a Basic Spacer below the carbon chain and carry a permanent positive charge.
Stability Tradename No.: 398 61 765.01.

2001We developed Equisil®, a new silica family. Equisil® offers a cost effective alternative to the well known Hypersil HPLC phases.

2002Owing to the increasing demand for our products we have had to expand and have moved into purpose
built laboratories, allowing us a little more elbow room to meet the needs of our customers. Our new premises are in the same vicinity as before, so our telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged.

2003: We introduced a new HPLC family, Reprospher, with 20 different phases. It is based on an ultra pure silica with the five most common trace metals all below 10ppm.

2005: The Reprospher line is expanded to include columns containing 1.8um, 2um and 2.5um particles. We also introduced a range of packed Nanocolumns using fused silica tubing (50-150um i.d.).

2006: We developed  our very successfully  Reprosil-Pur Basic and  Reprosil Gold-Phases with  bidentate endcapping.  The endcapping is double bonded to the  silica and therefore much more stabe than standard single bonded endcapping.

2007: Introduction of  the ultrapure Reprosil  Saphir-C18 HPLC –phases  with  packings  from 1.8 up to 10 µm.

-Completion  of  Reprosil-Pur 120 C18-AQ line, one of the most  frequently used phases in the world by selfpackers of nanocolumns  with 1.9 µm and 2.4 µm options.

2008: We obtained  a patent for the  new trapping guard holder  for nanocolumns. 

2009: We introduced two new coated chiral phases: Reprosil Chiral-OM (Cellulose-carbamate) and Reprosil Chiral-AM (Amylose-carbamate). A patent was obtained for a new design of distributor  plate  for use in preparative  columns.

2010: Development  of new preparative column hardware  ( 60 – 100 mm id)  with flexible piston technology (FPC-Technique).

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